Biden Becomes The New President


Leader Imran Khan praised US President Joe Biden on his presentation and said he envisions assembling more grounded US-Pak ties.

“I acclaim President JoeBiden on his introduction. Foresee working with POTUS in building a more grounded Pak-US association through trade and money related responsibility, countering natural change, improving general prosperity, battling pollution and propelling concordance in region and past,” the leader wrote in a message on Twitter.


World pioneers said they were foreseeing working with US Joe Biden, as the liberal was affirmed as president following four vicious years under Donald Trump.


President Hassan Rouhani hailed the trip of “tyrant” Trump, Tehran having more than once moved toward Washington to lift sanctions constrained over its nuclear drive.

“We foresee (the Biden association) to re-appearance of law and to duties, and endeavor in the accompanying four years, if they can, to wipe out the stains of the past four years,” said Rouhani.

Biden’s association needs the US, harking back to the achievement Iran nuclear accord, from which Trump pulled out, if Tehran re-appearances of extreme consistence.


Chief Benjamin Netanyahu urged Biden to “strengthen,” a long-standing alliance between the two countries.

“I envision working with you to also brace the US-Israel alliance, to continue to broaden congruity among Israel and the Center Easterner world and to confront standard challenges, manager among them the risk introduced by Iran,” Netanyahu said in a video.

European Affiliation

Charles Michel, head of the European Board of trustees, tweeted well done to both Biden and VP Kamala Harris, adding: “It’s an ideal chance to bring back conviction and decision making ability and reestablish our EU-US relationship.”

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen expressed: “Europe is ready for a fresh start.”

The Vatican

Pope Francis requested that Biden advance “bargain and concordance” around the world.

“At the point when the grave crises defying our human family call for far-found and joined responses, I petition that your decisions will be guided by a concern for building an overall population set apart by evident value and opportunity,” the pope said.


  1. Kremlin delegate Dmitry Peskov said Russia would search for “good relations with the US”, while a new assistance declaration said they expected a “more supportive” approach to manage looming arms control talks.
  2. The US and Russia are to analyze growing the achievement 2010 Fresh start nuclear weapons accord not long after Biden’s swearing in. The last nuclear settlement between the countries, it confines each side to 1,500 nuclear warheads and is set to end February 5.


President Plain Walter Steinmeier of Germany, Europe’s most noteworthy economy, said he was “remarkably mollified” Biden was replacing Trump as US president, looking at it as a “extraordinary day for lion’s share rules framework”.

Germany looked forward “to acknowledging we again have the US close to us as a fundamental accessory” in keeping an eye on “the Coronavirus pandemic, ecological change, security issues, arms control and grounding, and various critical conflicts around the world”.


  • “The association between North America and Europe is the bedrock of our security, and a strong NATO is helpful for both North America and Europe,” said NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg.
  • “NATO Accomplices need to stand together to address the security results of the climb of China, the risk of illicit terrorizing, recollecting for Afghanistan and Iraq, and a more confident Russia.”


French government delegate Gabriel Attal said Biden’s duties to rejoin the World Prosperity Affiliation, which drives the overall response to the Covid pandemic, and the Paris air bargain were “basic” following Trump’s exit from them.


Pioneer Boris Johnson, who has defied examination over his comfortable relationship with Trump, said he was foreseeing “working eagerly” with Biden.

“In our fight against Covid and across natural change, defend, security and in progressing and protecting famous government, our targets are the same and our nations will work inseparable to achieve them,” he said.


“Today a real partner of Ireland @JoeBiden transformed into the 46th Head of the USA,” Head executive Micheal Martin made on Twitter.

“It is a day of history and assumption and I foresee producing ever closer ties between our two unimaginable nations.”


“Our two countries are more than neighbors – we are cherished buddies, assistants, and accomplices,” PM Justin Trudeau expressed, swearing Canada’s coordinated effort in doing combating the Coronavirus pandemic, for climate action and for a useful financial recovery.


Indian Chief Narenda Modi tweeted: “My most sweltering congratulations to @JoeBiden on his assumption of office as Head of the US of America. I envision working with him to brace India-US key affiliation.”

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