Aleem Dar will officiate first Test in Pakistan

Aleem Dar to direct Test in Pakistan following 17 years

On-field umpire Ahsan Raza and match official Mohammad Javed Malik to make Test debuts

Spitting salivation on ball not permitted in arrangement against South Africa


The impending Pakistan’s arrangement against South Africa will be an uncommon second for Aleem Dar as he will administer a Test without precedent for his nation of origin.

The PCB on Saturday delivered the subtleties of the umpires that will administer the arrangement against South Africa affirming that Aleem Dar will be there.

Dar, cited by the PCB, recognized that it will be an “enthusiastic second” for him.

“It has been almost a 17-year and 132-Test pause, yet its going to be finished. Like the players, the match authorities likewise need to umpire in matches on home ground, something we accomplish in white-ball cricket, however Test cricket remains the zenith configuration and I am charmed that I will be remaining in the two Tests between two phenomenal sides,” said Dar.

On Field Umpires;

Aside from Dar, on-field umpire Ahsan Raza and match ref Mohammad Javed Malik will likewise make their Test debuts.

The public statement said that the board affirmed the match authorities’ arrangements for the Worldwide Cricket Gathering for the two-coordinate arrangement among Pakistan and South Africa, which begins in Karachi on 26 January.

The PCB said that Asif Yaqoob and Rashid Riaz will be the third and fourth umpires, while Javed Malik will head the playing control group for both the Tests.

“According to the ICC’s between time playing guidelines, the necessity to choose third nation authorities has incidentally been taken out from the playing conditions for all worldwide arrangements attributable to the current calculated difficulties with global travel,” said the PCB in regards to the nonattendance of impartial umpires.

For the three-coordinate T20I arrangement, Javed Malik will keep on being the match official, while Aleem and Ahsan Raza will be the on-field umpires for the principal coordinate with Shozab Raza in the television umpire’s case and Asif Yaqoob as fourth umpire.

PCB’s Statment;

  • The PCB said that Shozab Raza and Asif Yaqoob will direct the second T20I with Ahsan Raza and Rashid Riaz as third and fourth umpires. Then again, Aleem Dar and Rashid Riaz will be the on-field umpires for the third T20I with Ahsan Raza and Shozab Raza as third and fourth umpires, separately.
  • ICC’s interval playing guidelines for arrangement
  • The PCB additionally delivered the ICC-commanded break playing guidelines of the arrangement.
  • Under the principles there is a prohibition on applying spit to the ball in light of the Covid pandemic.
  • “Players won’t be allowed to utilize salivation to sparkle the ball,” said the PCB. It added that on the off chance that a player utilizes spit, at that point the umpires will react indulgently to permit the players to change. Be that as it may, on the off chance that it is done consistently, at that point authorities may give the group an admonition.
  • “A group can be given up to two admonitions for each innings yet rehashed utilization of salivation ready will bring about a 5-run punishment to the batting side,” said the PCB
  • During the arrangement an extra fruitless DRS survey will be given to groups as there will be “less experienced umpires on the job on occasion”.

The PCB has additionally expressed that the ICC Cricket Activities group will uphold Match Refs to handle the Set of accepted rules breaks and an impartial First class Board coordinate official will direct any conference distantly through video connect.

Umpire list for Pakistan versus South Africa

  1. 26-30 Jan – first Test. Aleem Dar and Ahsan Raza (on-field umpires), Asif Yaqoob (third umpire), Rashid Riaz (fourth umpire); Mohammad Javed Malik (coordinate arbitrator)
  2. 4-8 Feb – second Test. Aleem Dar and Ahsan Raza (on-field umpires), Asif Yaqoob (third umpire), Rashid Riaz (fourth umpire); Mohammad Javed Malik (coordinate ref)
  3. 11 Feb – first T20I. Aleem Dar and Ahsan Raza (on-field umpires), Shozab Raza (third umpire), Asif Yaqoob (fourth umpire); Mohammad Javed Malik (coordinate official)
  4. 13 Feb – second T20I. Shozab Raza and Asif Yaqoob (on-field umpires), Ahsan Raza (third umpire), Rashid Riaz (fourth umpire); Mohammad Javed Malik (coordinate arbitrator)
  5. 14 Feb – third T20I. Aleem Dar and Rashid Riaz (on-field umpires), Ahsan Raza (third umpire), Shozab Raza (fourth umpire); Mohammad Javed Malik (coordinate arbitrator).

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